Vident Financial was founded in 2013 and grew from a Principles-Based philosophy. We implement that Principles-Based philosophy in the construction, management and research of our solutions.

Our Team

Vident Leadership Team Vident Advisory Vident Investment Advisory Vident Index Policy Committee (VIPC)

Vince Birley
Chief Executive Officer Vident Financial
Deborah Kimery, CFA
Chief Executive Officer Vident Advisory
Amrita Nandakumar
President Vident Investment Advisory

Erik Olsen
Chief Compliance Officer VIA and Vident Advisory
Rafael Zayas, CFA
Senior Vice President Vident Investment Advisory
Adam Longenecker
Director, Quant. Research Vident Financial


As the owner of Vident Financial, the Vident Investors’ Oversight Trust believes that human productivity is the source of growth and wealth creation. Vident Financial is proud to encourage human productivity at a grassroots level by supporting Hanna’s Home, an orphanage in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia dedicated to loving kids from childhood through university graduation.

Vident Financial’s support is partly accredited to its production of an Ethiopian, medium roast coffee blend, we named Hanna’s Blend.

Vident Financial will also match the dollar amount of coffee you purchase as a donation to support Hanna’s mission and dream.

Story of Hanna's Home

Hanna’s Home is a unique orphanage, started through the compassion of one radiant and joyful woman, who opened her home to street children and cared for them. Since 1997, in support of Hanna’s mission other women opened their homes to or-phans, called “house-moms.” Together they have taken in over 330 orphans in Ethiopia. They provide food, shelter, education, love and security. Hanna ensures that all of her kids attend local schools.

Hanna’s Home operates on a hub-and-spoke model, making it a unique orphanage. The central compound serves as a safe haven for the kids to play and learn. The children live in individual homes with their house-mothers - within walking distance of the compound and their local schools.

Place an order online for a bag of Hanna's Blend by clicking below or call 770-421-9600 (just ask for Hanna’s Blend).


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