Profits Are Well Thawed Out

Posted by Vident Financial on 1/14/22 9:30 AM

In our previous analysis, we described the odd pandemic economy dynamics of profits getting deferred ("Weird Recovery Part 2: Where Are the Profits?," Vident Financial blog, 2-22-21) and then unfrozen ("Profits Got Unfrozen," Vident Financial blog, 8-17-21). To recap: The collapse in profits during the worst of the pandemic made things look worse than they really were, and the large spike in profits in early 2021 made things look better than they really were. What really happened is that the shutdowns mostly deferred business activity instead of destroying it. Mostly. Some haircuts, dinners out, vacations, and mani-pedis were lost forever, but the big ticket items (durable goods, homes, cars, information technology) simply got made and purchased later.

Since business didn't slow down as much as consumption, the inventory to sales ratio spiked:

(Source: FRED, January 2016 – September 2021)

That spike was the "frozen" profits, value created by business, but not yet "booked" as profit by the accountant because it had not yet been sold. Then, as consumers started to buy, inventory got liquidated, and profit got unfrozen:

Corporate Profits Change

(Source: FRED, Q1 2010 – Q3 2021)

As you can see, the bounce-back from early 2020 was larger than the profit shrinkage, which means that the part of the profit spike which was playing catch-up from the shutdowns is probably over with, or nearly so. From now on, business will have to earn its growth, not just ride a cyclical recovery. If the outlook for growth is low, then profits will tend to lag.

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